Play Now. Grow Up Later.



From alien shoot-outs to Candyland racing games, our state-of-the-art arcade has all the games you know and love. Load your money on a card for credits, and our all-inclusive computer system keeps up with your tickets for you! When you win big, (we know you will), head over to our killer prize room.

You can load your Arcade Card with whatever amount sounds right, but we do have some sweet deals to brag about, too. Each new card has a $1 activation fee. If you purchase an Arcade Card from The Factory, hang onto it to avoid paying the fee.

Buy $10 = 40 Credits + 4 BONUS Credits

Buy $20 = 80 Credits + 16 BONUS Credits

Buy $30 = 120 Credits + 32 BONUS Credits

BEST DEAL ALERT: Buy $50 = 200 Credits + 64 BONUS Credits

Tickets Must Be Purchased in Person.


Do you love rollercoasters? We do too! Check out our Flight Simulator while you play some Arcade Games. Pick your level of intensity, grab a friend, and buckle up! It’s going to be a wild ride!

Single RiderTicket: $6

Double RiderTicket: $10


Only hitting dingers here! We house the only indoor batting cages in Gulf Shores and surrounding areas. Our three cages feature slow-pitch baseball, fast-pitch baseball, and fast-pitch softball. Cages are first-come first-serve and quarter operated.You are welcome to use our gear or bring your own!

Need to schedule batting practice? We rent cages for 30 minutes or 1 hour.

30 Minutes per Cage = $15

1 Hour per Cage = $25